Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is the most popular attraction in Pécs. Its magnificent appearance is welcoming visitors on the Saint István square in the company of the Bishop`s Palace and old Treasury.

Huge basilica was built in the 11th century and named after the second king of Hungary – Peter Orseolo. Cathedral`s exterior is basically a mess of different architectural and art styles, although today`s image originates from the renovation which took place in 1880 and was done with hopes of preserving the medieval charm of the building. Some elements of Gothic, Renaissance, Romanticism, Rococo and Classicism stayed part of cathedral even after the renovation took place. A touch of traditional architectural style from the Ottomans’ empire can also be seen.

If you like the exterior, you will be blown away by the interior. Never ending patterns in numerous colours represent a unique style that could be described as an arranged chaos. Main nave with patters in blue, gold and red will keep your eyes wandering from one side to another, until they finally rest on the spectacular frescoes or on the beautiful Renaissance altar. Most of the frescoes and statues in the cathedral were made by Hungarian artists.

Chapels on the side are just as amazing as the main nave and the underground “exhibition room” is another must visit attraction. Columns and arches give this room a special charm while a small exhibition of the cathedral-through-time-models represents the history of the construction.

Last part of the visit to the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul will take you from the underground to the sky. One of four bell towers is open for public and you are encouraged to climb the stairs to reach the number one viewing point in Pécs!


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